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PMP Knowledge Areas: Quality Management in Agile | Agile Practice Guide

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

In this video from the Agile Practice Guide, we talk about the PMP knowledge area of quality management and how it is managed in an agile environment. As per the Agile practice guide, each PMP knowledge area is carried out in agile project management. The Agile Practice Guide is one of the primary reference books for the PMP certification exam in 2021.

According to the Agile Practice Guide, 'In order to navigate changes, agile methods call for frequent quality and review steps built-in throughout the project rather than toward the end of the project.

Recurring retrospectives regularly check on the effectiveness of the quality processes. They look for the root cause of issues then suggest trials of new approaches to improve quality. Subsequent retrospectives evaluate any trial processes to determine if they are working and should be continued or new adjusting or should be dropped from use.

In order to facilitate frequent, incremental delivery, agile methods focus on small batches of work, incorporating as many elements of project deliverables as possible. Small batch systems aim to uncover inconsistencies and quality issues earlier in the project life cycle when the overall costs of change are lower.'


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