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Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS™)

The Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS™) is a lightweight agile certification that enables you to assess your fundamental understanding of the Agile and Scrum framework. This certification tests your knowledge of Scrum roles, events and artifacts. This certification is based on the content covered in the Agile andScrum webinar conducted by

Learn Agile and Scrum methodology | Get Scrum foundations certified

Why get the Scrum Fundamentals (FCAS) certification ?

The Foundational certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS) is a very popular certification amongst Agile and Scrum aspirants. Having knowledge of Agile and Scrum is a essential part of any job due to its growing popularity in all sectors. The FCAS exam tests your knowledge of Agile and Scrum fundamentals that one must have an awareness of. Exam topics include what is agile, how is it different from scrum, why agile is a necessity, agile tenets, agile frameworks, what is scrum, where is it applied, scrum roles, events and artifacts and much more. The FCAS certification is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of earning the certification.


Agile and Scrum roles were amongst the top 15 roles globally in 2020

Scrum Masters earn an average salary of 90,000+

An Industry recognized designation

Agile & Scrum online course with FCAS certification

Earn Professional Development Units ( PMI PDUs)

Why does Agile and Scrum matter?

Agile Practices have been in existence for a while now, and Scrum has grown immensely in the past decade. Due to the breakneck growth of Scrum and it's wide adoption is organizations globally, there's been a surge in Scrum master jobs along with other roles in Scrum. Scrum's simplistic and minimalistic approach to product development, reduced documentation, simple and straightforward roles, high focus on product quality, and time to market approach has given it it's extensive popularity. Scrum can also be applied alongside waterfall and kanban-like methods, and practices from various other agile practices can be imported. A Scrum certification can provide a much-needed boost to your career and help you climb into senior management roles.

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Sample FCAS certificate

Certificate of Graduation.png
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FCAS Certification Badge

The Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS™) is valid for a period of 2 years.



The FCAS Exam Format is as follows:

Exam Type: Multiple Choice
No. of Questions: 20
Pass Marks: 15 out of 20 (75%)
Exam Duration: 30 mins

Yes, attempting the Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS) is free.
Since the FCAS is free for a limited time, your exam code will expire within 10 days of you receiving it. Hence, please ensure that you take the exam within 10 days. To get the FCAS certificate after passing the exam, there is an exam management fees of 3.49 USD only.

You can prepare for the FCAS certification by accessing the Scrum videos using this link here:
We will approve you as a free scrum member after which you can access the videos for the FCAS exam.

Yes, we have other certifications in DevOps (FCDO), Kanban (FCKB), Product Owner (POF), Business Analysis Fundamentals (BAF) and Scrum Master (SMF).

They're included as part of the 'CareerSprints Site Membership'. Along with these certifications, you'll get access to content created by on Scrum, PMP, Kanban, Scrum, Product Owner, Business Analysis, ITIL, DevOps, Lean and PRINCE2.

Once you register for the FCAS exam, we will send you the exam code within 24 hours. If you do not receive your exam code within a day, please send us an email to

You can find out more about the CS site membership by clicking this link here:

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