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Foundational Certification in DevOps (FCDO™)

The Foundational Certification in DevOps (FCDO™) is an introductory certification for anyone interested in gaining a fundamental knowledge of DevOps, a set of evolving practices widely applied in the areas of software development, IT operations and business management. This certification is based on the content covered during the DevOps webinar conducted by

Learn DevOps Foundations | Get DevOps Fundamentals Certification

Why get the DevOps Foundations (FCDO) certification?

The Foundational certification in DevOps (FCDO) has been designed to test your understanding of the growing world of DevOps. Having DevOps Fundamentals knowledge is a critical part of any job involving digital strategy and IT operations. The FCDO certification exam tests on all the DevOps foundation concepts that one must have an understanding of. Exam topics include the 3 ways of DevOps, DevOps culture, DevOps automation practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, DevSecOps, and much more. The FCDO certification is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of earning the certification.


30% rise in demand for DevOps Professionals in 2020

DevOps professionals earn an average salary of 120,000+

An Industry recognized designation

DevOps Online course with FCDO certification

Earn Professional Development Units ( PMI PDUs)

Why does DevOps Matter?

Until a few years ago, DevOps was only a sporadic practice amongst some organizations and groups. However, in recent times it has grown to amass massive popularity in the world of software development and IT operations. DevOps has been used alongside various agile and lean practices such as Scrum, Kanban, and XP. DevOps is also being implemented alongside ITIL4, a popular IT service management framework designed for process improvements. Organizations are adopting core DevOps practices such as automation, continuous delivery and deployment, site reliability engineering, and DevSecOps. The goal of DevOps is to streamline business and IT goals and deliver value to customers and in turn the organization.Understanding the evolving field of DevOps and acquiring a working knowledge  can be extremely for one's career.

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Sample FCDO certificate

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FCDO Certification Badge

The Foundational Certification in DevOps (FCDO™) is valid for a period of 2 years.



The FCDO Exam Format is as follows:

Exam Type: Multiple Choice
No. of Questions: 20
Pass Marks: 15 out of 20 (75%)
Exam Duration: 30 mins

No, the Foundational Certification in DevOps (FCDO) is not free. The cost of FCDO exam is $4.99 USD. It's also included as part of the 'CareerSprints Premium Site Membership' which costs $49.99 USD only for one year.

In order to access the material for the FCDO exam, you'll have to either register for the FCDO exam individually or become a 'CS Premium Site Member'. We'll send you access to the videos and slides which you can use to prepare for the FCDO Exam.

Yes, we have other certifications in Scrum Foundations (FCAS), Kanban (FCKB), Product Owner (POF), Business Analysis Fundamentals (BAF) and Scrum Master (SMF).

They're included as part of the 'CareerSprints Site Membership'. Along with these certifications, you'll get access to content created by on Scrum, PMP, Kanban, Scrum, Product Owner, Business Analysis, ITIL, DevOps, Lean and PRINCE2.

Once you register for the FCDO exam, we will send you the exam code within 24 hours. If you do not receive your exam code within a day, please send us an email to

You can find out more about the CS site membership by clicking this link here:

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