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Scrum Master Training

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The Scrum Master Training is for anyone who wishes to validate his or her depth of knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application. This training is sufficient to appear and pass industry-recognized certifications such as Professional Scrum Master (PSM) or Scrum Master Certification (SMC) by and respectively.

This course currently reflects all the changes made to the Scrum Guide in 2020

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This Scrum Master course is modeled on the Scrum guide, the primary resource needed to prepare for popular certification exams such as the PSM or SMC Exam. It covers all the topics necessary to pass Scrum certification exams such as Scrum theory, Scrum Roles, Scrum Events, and Scrum Artifacts. This course is supported by practical exercises and real-world scenarios explained using innovative techniques. This course also provides tips and tricks to pass Scrum certification exams. Additionally, this course includes JIRA training too.


This course is useful for those leading or participating in agile initiatives and for IT professionals working in Project Management, Software Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, IT Service Management, Service Owners, Process Owners and Managers and Business Management.


An understanding of project management and related practices is recommended but not mandatory.


Scrum Theory

Waterfall methodology and its disadvantages Overview of Agile Agile Manifesto, four values and twelve principles in detail Benefits of Agile, various frameworks Scrum framework overview – 3 pillars, 5 values, Roles, Events & Artifacts

Scrum Roles

Product Owner role, responsibilities & stakeholders Skills required for successful Product Owner Cross-functional development teams – roles and responsibilities Scrum Master role in coaching product owner, teams and Organization

Scrum Events

Sprint planning (why, what and how) , Sprint goal, Sprint backlog Capacity planning & Velocity Daily-standup Sprint Review or Demo – Stakeholder interaction and feedback Sprint retrospective in detail Various fun retrospections & innovation games for continuous improvement Effective techniques for scrum master to facilitate different ceremonies

Scrum Artifacts

The Product Backlog (The "Living" Artifact) The Sprint Backlog (when does it emerge, who is responsible for it, what happens with the PBIs that are not complete) The Increment (the relationship between the Increment and the Product Backlog, who decides to release it, in what condition should it be) The Definition Of Done (who crafts it and why, is it mandatory, can it change) The Definition Of Ready (the secret weapon of high-performing Scrum Teams)

Additional Inclusions (JIRA)

Agile management tools, JIRA, Jira installation, Project creation Epic and story creation Linking of stories with Epics Importance of each and every filed under Issue Creation of components and Releases along with Issue linking Product backlog refinement in Jira Sprint planning (What & How) in Jira Tracking of issues throughout the sprint Raising impediments and dependencies with other issues How to clone, comment, sub task, label, link, log work in Issue Sprint closure Understanding Sprint report, velocity chart, Burn down chart

Product Backlog Management

Product Vision & examples Building product road map in Confluence Understand concepts of Features, Epics, User Stories & Acceptance criteria Techniques for writing effective user stories, including INVEST criteria Practice Epic and Story writing in Jira Agile Estimation techniques – Cone of uncertainty, Relative estimations, creating baseline, Planning poker , T-shirt sizing, Affinity estimation, Industry practices Product backlog & concept of DEEP Product backlog prioritization techniques – MoSCow, Story Mapping, Risk-Value-Cost Definition of Ready and Definition of Done Product backlog refinement in scrum

Additional Inclusions

How to measure team agile maturity Guidance to pass Professional Scrum Mater (PSM1) certification Free mock tests to pass PSM Mock interview (Q & A)


Rita A.

The training was extremely useful in helping me clear the SMC certification exam. It was packed with a lot of critical information required for the SMC exam.

George C.

I got exactly what I needed to "Crack the Professional Scrum Master Exam (PSM 1) Exam" successfully using this training. 

*Note: This course is not in affiliation with However, it's sufficient to pass the PSM exam.
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