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Product Owner Certification
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Product Owner Certification Training

Product owners are responsible for ensuring that the right products are built for a company's customers that deliver high value. Product Owner certifications are very popular in the industry since it validates the knowledge of the Scrum framework and their ability to support value creation and delivery. Clearing the Product Owner certification will enable you to demonstrate to employers your fundamental understanding and knowledge of Product Ownership.

Training Options


  • 4 hours of Product Owner Training (online video course) to support your learning for the Product Owner certification

  • Copy of the 'Scrum Guide 2020' for your reference

  • Study guides that'll help you with exam preparation

  • 3 Practice Tests (80 questions per exam)

  • 3 or 6 months Access to the course

  • Access the course on Mobile Phones and Tablets


  • 4 hours of instructor-led Product Owner virtual training

  • Copy of the 'Scrum Guide' and 'EBM Guide'

  • 3 Practice Tests (80 questions per exam)

  • All Materials and class recording

  • 3 or 6 months access to the course

Product Owner training overview

In this Product Owner certification training class, you will develop an understanding of the critical role that the Product Owner plays on the Scrum Team. In this training, you will learn about the various accountabilities of the product owner and see how product owners serve to connect business strategy and successful product execution that helps scrum teams create products and services that customers value. In this Product Owner certification training class, we will help you develop the knowledge required to clear the Product Owner certification exam in the first attempt.

With this Product Owner certification training course:

  • Driving business value through product management

  • Embrace the product mindset

  • Get clarity on the Product Owner role

  • Understand the Scrum Principles and Empiricism

  • Understand product owner responsibilities on a scrum team

  • Understand various techniques to interact with stakeholders, customers, and the members of the Scrum Team

Product Owner Training Course Audience

This Product Owner Training Course is suitable for anyone interested in a career in product management. This course is useful for Product Owners, Product Managers, Project Managers, Product Specialists, digital Product Managers, Project Sponsors, Project Coordinators, Scrum Masters, project team members, senior management, Entrepreneurs etc.

Product Owner certification Exam Eligibility

There aren't any specific requirements for the Product Owner exam. Anyone interested in crafting a career as a Product Owner can attend this class. Additionally, practicing product owners looking to enhance their understanding of product management can also attend this class.

Product Owner certification Exam Syllabus

The Product owner certification exam includes questions from the following Focus Areas

Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework:

  • Empiricism, Scrum Team, Events, Artifacts, Done.

Developing People and Teams:

  • Self-Managing Teams.

Managing Products with Agility:

  • Forecasting & Release Planning, Product Vision, Product Value, Product Backlog Management, Business Strategy, Stakeholders & Customers.

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