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Product Owner Foundations (POF™)

Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS) Exam

The Product Owner Foundations (POF™) certification is based on the widely sought after role of Product Owner, popular in the business and IT world. Anyone who wishes to validate their knowledge and understanding of the Scrum Product Owner role can take this certification exam. This certification is based on the content covered during the Product Owner webinar conducted by

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The Product Owner Foundations (POF™) Certification is valid for a period of 2 years.

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What is the format of the POF Exam?

The POF Exam Format is as follows:

Exam Type: Multiple Choice
No. of Questions: 20
Pass Marks: 15 out of 20 (75%)
Exam Duration: 30 mins

Is the POF Certification Free?

No, the Product Owner Foundations (POF) is not free. It''s cost is $4.99 USD. It's also included as part of the 'CareerSprints Premium Site Membership' which costs $14.99 USD only for one year.

How do I prepare for the POF certification exam?

In order to access the material for the POF exam, you'll have to either register for the POF exam individually or become a 'CS Premium Site Member'. We'll send you access to the videos and slides which you can use to prepare for the POF Exam.

Do you have other certification(s)?

Yes, we have other certifications in Scrum Foundations (FCAS), Kanban (FCKB), Scrum Master (SMF) and DevOps (FCDO).

They're included as part of the 'CareerSprints Site Membership'. Along with these certifications, you'll get access to content created by on Scrum, PMP, Kanban, Scrum, Product Owner, ITIL, DevOps, Lean and PRINCE2.

When do I get my exam code for the POF certification?

Once you register for the POF exam, we will send you the exam code within 24 hours. If you do not receive your exam code within a day, please send us an email to

Where can i find out more about the CareerSprints Site Membership?

You can find out more about the CS site membership by clicking this link here: