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Kanban Certification
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Kanban Certification Training

In this Kanban certification training class, you will learn how to adopt and apply the Kanban methodology in your Scrum or Agile teams. Kanban​ has been widely adopted by teams globally to enhance their processes and improve workflow, resulting in faster delivery times and higher customer satisfaction. Our Kanban training and certification course guides you through best practices in Kanban implementation alongside Scrum. Based on the Kanban Guide for Scrum teams and various other Kanban topics, this training will prepare you for any Kanban certification assessment.

Training Options


  • 4 hours of Kanban certification training (online video course) 

  • Copy of the 'Scrum Guide 2020 'for your reference

  • Study guides that'll help you with exam preparation

  • 3 Practice Tests (80 questions per exam)

  • 3 or 6 months Access to the course

  • Access the course on Mobile Phones and Tablets


  • 4 hours of instructor-led Kanban certification virtual training

  • Copy of the 'Scrum Guide' and 'Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams'

  • 3 Practice Tests (80 questions per exam)

  • All Materials and class recording

  • 3 or 6 months access to the course

Kanban Certification Training Overview

In our Kanban certification and training course, you will learn how Scrum practitioners apply Kanban to their existing processes and improve their overall performance through the use of Kanban principles and practices. In our Kanban certification virtual classroom and e-learning courses, you will understand the importance of transparency and flow and how Kanban techniques can be leveraged to improve flow efficiency and delivery of value.

With this Kanban certification course:

  • Unleash the power of flow within Scrum

  • Discover how to adopt Kanban in your Scrum Team without team disruption

  • Understand when to use Kanban and when to use Scrum

  • Discover how to deploy Scrum and Kanban together on a single project

  • Increase transparency and visibility of your work using Kanban

Kanban Certification Training Course Audience

This Kanban certification course is best suited for anyone with an interest in understanding Kanban and how it can be applied to improve visibility and performance of scrum teams. This course is suitable for Project managers, IT project managers, Project coordinators, Project analysts, Scrum Masters, Product owners, Marketing project managers, Team leads, Product managers, Program managers, Project sponsors, Entrepreneurs etc.

Kanban certification training Exam Eligibility

There aren't any specific requirements for the Kanban certification exam. Anyone interested in learning how to use Kanban to enhance their Scrum practices can get the Kanban certification. An understanding of the Scrum framework would be helpful while preparing for the Kanban certification exam.

Kanban certification training Exam Syllabus

The Kanban certification exam includes questions from the following Focus Areas:

Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework:

  • In this focus area, you will learn how to apply Scrum and Kanban together, without compromising the rules of either methodology. You will also learn about the three accountabilities, five events, and three artifacts of Scrum.

Complementary Practices:

    Kanban Practices

  • In this focus area you will be tested on your knowledge of the Kanban practices listed in the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams.

    Agile Metrics for Kanban

  • This area tests your knowledge of the metrics listed in The Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams and how to use them effectively.

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