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The CareerSprints Site Membership gives you a host of benefits such as access to Scrum, DevOps, Kanban certifications by and sample tests to the SMC certification by Scrumstudy. In addition, you get access to course videos, interview questions documents, PDUs and answers to the difficult and tricky questions pertinent in the Agile and Lean world. 


Access to Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS™) Exam

Access to Foundational Certification in Kanban (FCKB™) Exam

Access to Foundational Certification in DevOps (FCDO™) Exam


10+ Hours of online video content

Scrum Interview Q&As

Important Scrum Questions Answered from our webinars


Scrum Sample Papers for popular Scrum certification exams (PSM)

Claim PMI Professional Development Units (PDUs) for PMP Exam

Access to Online Games and Quizzes (Crossword etc.)


Scrum Master and Product Owner Certification exams

Live webinars on different subject areas

More Quizzes and Games

What is the cost of the CareerSprints Premium site membership?

The cost of the Careersprints site membership is $19.99 USD for a year. However, we keep rolling out offers from time to time that ​lets​ you to get the Careersprints site membership at a discounted rate.

What is the current offer running on the CS site membership?

You can get the Careersprints site membership at a discounted cost of $14.99 USD by taking the free Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS) exam and sharing your certificate on LinkedIn. Once you take the FCAS exam, we will email you the certificate and share instructions on how you can share it to your LinkedIn profile.

Which certifications are offered as part of the CS site membership?

Currently the Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS), Foundational Certification in DevOps (FCDO) and Foundational Certification in Kanban (FCKB) certifications are part of the CS site membership. We will be adding a Scrum Master and Product Owner certification to the membership soon.

What does ‘Planned Content’ mean?

Careersprints Premium site membership is an ever growing product. We keep adding new content such as videos, exams, games, FAQs, e-books, question banks and sample papers to it. Our content grows in alignment with the current needs of the industry. Planned content means what we will add in the future.

What is the validity of the certifications by

The validity of all certifications is 2 years from the day you clear the exam.

How soon do I get access after I pay?

Once we receive your payment for the CS site membership, please give us a maximum of 24 hours to send out all the information to you although in most cases you will have all the information via email much earlier.

I didn’t get any email from Careersprints about my site membership so far?

Please wait for atleast 24 hours prior to emailing us that you haven't received any details. Please also check your secondary inbox and spam folder because emails land there too. The site membership details email will come from and the email subject line is generally “Welcome On-board to the CareerSprints Premium Site Membership". So, you can also search your inbox with the subject line. Even then if you cannot find it, please email us back at and we will respond with all your details.

What should I do if I have addditional questions?

Please email us at if you have any additional questions and we will respond within a maximum time of 2 business days.

How soon do I receive my certificate after I clear any certification exam from CareerSprints?

After you clear your certification exam, we send your certificate within 2 business days (excluding weekends and mandatory holidays). If you don't receive your certificate within 2 business days please email us back at

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