Six ways to make Daily Stand-Ups more effective

Daily scrum or also popularly known as Daily Stand-up is a cardinal practice employed by scrum teams to inspect their work and make adjustments every day. Although the daily scrum may seem like a simple meeting to conduct at the outset, it can quickly turn into a burdensome activity that team members feel compelled to attend because management wants them to follow scrum.

With leaders and team members failing to understand the essence of this meeting or conveniently forgetting the real purpose of daily stand up, many agile teams have erroneously turned the daily stand up into a meeting merely used for oral progress reporting. However, it's purpose extends far beyond the archetype progress reports extensively used in a pre agile world. One of the outcomes that the daily stand up assists agile teams in achieving is working with greater efficiency that further leads to an accelerated pace of value delivery to their customers.

Hence, scrum masters should ensure that daily stand-ups don't become drab. Here are six things you can do to make your daily standups more effective.