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The PMP Mock Exam Questions are FULLY UPDATED for the Current Exam!

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam using A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)

Free PMP Practice Exam for PMP Exam Prep

PMP 2021 Version 

It cannot be emphasized how important it is to include PMP mocks as part of your PMP exam prep strategy. Some of the best PMP exams in 2021 are the ones that contain a mix of different question types for the PMP exam and agile questions. To help you, we have developed this free PMP exam simulator that'll aid you in your PMP Exam Prep strategy.


This mock contains 30 free PMP exam questions based on the latest edition of the PMP Exam ECO (Exam Content Outline). Try this free PMP practice exam and assess your knowledge. 

PMP Mock Exam Instructions

Free Test and can be attempted multiple times

No Time Limit to this test

Contains question on Agile and hybrid projects

You can resume the test at a later time too

Test answers are made available after the test is over

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PMP Mock Exam FAQs

What is the PMP practice Exam?

The PMP mock exam is a practice exam is based on the PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO). This test contains 50 highly situational PMP test questions and includes predictive, hybrid, and agile PMP questions. Passing PMP 2021 requires the dedicated practice of several PMP exam simulators and this free PMP mock test helps you get familiar with the type of questions asked in the PMP exam.

Who is this PMP mock exam suitable for?

This PMP practice test is suitable for aspiring PMP exam candidates and veteran project managers who wish to test their knowledge of project management and the PMP Exam ECO.

How many questions are there in this PMP practice test

There are a total of 50 PMP Exam questions including hotspot questions, situational questions, multiple-choice, multiple responses, and matching questions.

I didn't perform well in this PMP practice test. What should I do?

Don't worry. Review all your answers that you got both right and wrong in this PMP Exam simulator and make notes of the reason why you got them wrong. After that go back to the PMBOK and the Agile Practice Guide and read the relevant sections. Lastly, remember that the PMP Exam is a difficult exam and to succeed in it, you must solve as many PMP practice exams as possible until you feel confident about your performance.

Can I retake this PMP mock exam?

Yes, you can take this PMP mock exam as many times as you wish. However, to get a realistic picture of how you performed it is recommended that you attempt questions after proper preparation of the PMP exam content.