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Scrum Master Salaries

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Lately, you might have heard of the "Scrum Master" title. Maybe it came up during a casual conversation with a colleague, or perhaps you saw it while searching for jobs online. It probably makes you wonder what scrum masters really do or how much salary do they draw? Maybe you're at a stage in your career where you're looking at a shift, or perhaps you want that six-figure paycheque.

Then, maybe it's time to shift to a scrum company. In fact, Scrum masters have made the cut to feature amongst the highest-paying jobs in America in a glassdoor survey.

With rising popularity, scrum is on its way to becoming a mainstream practice in many companies along with SAFE, Lean DevOps and Kanban.

We've shown some stats below that shows the median pay for scrum masters in America and across different US cities.

Average Scrum Master Base Pay from Glassdoor

Average Scrum Master Base Pay from Payscale

Salary Range for scrum masters in different US cities.

Scrum Master Salaries in the New York area

Scrum Master Salaries in the Chicago area

Scrum Master Salaries in the Dallas area

It's evident from the stats that it's a great time to make a move to scrum and look at roles like the scrum master.

Scrum masters are a point of coordination for the team members, the Product Owner and even people outside of the scrum team. Scrum master responsibilities are plenty such as facilitation, removing team impediments and team protection. Hence, the role can be quite enjoyable, rewarding, engaging and challenging, but definitely not boring. As you mature as a scrum master, you could be managing several scrum teams and eventually start coaching other people to become scrum masters. So, if you think you are a people's person who enjoys coordination, facilitation and working with people while getting things done, you should consider the scrum master role.

The best way to go about building a scrum career is to get more education on the subject, and many companies offer training, certification and workshops in scrum. So, go ahead and make that investment in your career.

To learn more about how CareerSprints can help you kickstart your scrum career, consider registering for our Free Agile Scrum Foundations Training conducted by experts, which covers the Agile Scrum basics. Unlike pre-recorded webinars, this one is a live class where you have the opportunity to ask questions to the instructor. 

Following the webinar, you'll be able to register for the Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS) exam and gain this certification.


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