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Welcome to this PMP E-learning course. This PMP E-Learning Course is meant for PMP aspirants planning to sit the PMP Exam from 2021 onwards. Since the PMP Exam has changed, this course focuses on all the PMP content needed to pass the PMP 2021 exam in alignment with the PMP Exam content outline (ECO). The PMP Exam content outline defines the syllabus for the PMP Exam. A lot of the content from the exam content outline is covered in the PMP 6th edition syllabus while the rest of the content is new to the PMP exam.


How to prepare for the PMP Exam using this course?

Where can I find the PMBOK 6th edition and the Agile Practice books?

What is the PMP Exam Content Outline and how is it relevant to the PMP Exam?

What has changed in the new Exam Content Outline (ECO)?

What else do I need to understand about the 3 domains in the new PMP exam content outline (ECO) and how will it affect my preparation for the PMP exam?

Where can I find the PMP Exam content outline (ECO) mapping to the sections of the PMBOK?

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